Living and Existing Quote

I had written about 100 quotes and posted them over the years on this blog. I’m back at it again with another bunch over the next few weeks that I had written since I last posted some.

This is how I differentiate between living and existing.

You exist in your comfort zone, but you live just outside of it.


Interestingly, not long after I found this quote, I found out who Esther Perel was and her definition of living, as opposed to existing, was a life where you created things. That was on a remarkable episode of Design Matters podcast with Debbie Millman!


Esther Perel, though, has an absolutely amazing and addictive podcast from her therapy sessions, called Where Should We Begin? where you can listen in to a world class therapist at work, with real couples, and real problems, you might well be able to relate to yourself. So far, my favourite episode is Speak to Me in French.


Esther has two of among the most popular TEDTalks as well! I found the first one below great, but the second one mind-blowing!


For more of my quotes posted on this blog over the years, please click here.

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