My Visual Catalog of Origami Learned

Happy New Year, everyone! To start it, I created a visual catalog of some origami that I know how to do, and for the many more I will be learning in 2018. I’d embed the Tableau catalog here to show you except WordPress doesn’t allow for Javascript. You’ll just have to click through the link above to see it.

There are only 5 items right now as I haven’t gotten 3 pics for every item I know how to do yet, or found instructions online. That’s because each item has an instruction video link, and pictures of how what I made turned out. I know about a dozen items at the moment, if you were wondering. I hope to learn, and retain, at least 50, new pieces, in 2018.

I will also add new features about each piece as I currently have in the spreadsheet from which the data is drawn. I had just been spending too much time trying to figure out how to create the catalog you see since it had to be an original “hack” or “workaround” of the existing Tableau software rather than a built in feature they should have implemented at least 2 years ago when some people asked about it. It seemed rather intuitive to me to have had it but what do I know? 🙂

I hope you’ll check in with this catalog from time to time, and maybe even suggest a few nice origami pieces I can learn! Latest one I’ve learned is below. Have only made one, though, so it’s not yet on the catalog.

As I learn to make more, I’ll be posting some results here. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure with me being the “researcher” and “tester” to only post pieces that are viable. Click on the Origami category link at bottom left menu to see posts related to origami, or My Origami Learned link at right for the catalog. Thank you!

Click here to see other examples of niche I have embraced or created for myself in 2018.

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