CANABIS = cannabis from Canada

Canada is planning to legalize marijuana, also known as cannabis, in 2018. Among the many issues of concern is quality control, because if government will be selling it, there has to be some quality control standards. Those standards can be expected to be good, too! Canadian cannabis is going to be known for its quality!

So I thought why not just brand it? Since the two words Canada and cannabis start with the same sounding syllables, with slightly different spelling to make a portmanteau sort of pun from it, that works orally as well as written, why not?

Canabis would be cannabis from Canada with all its positive qualities!

As long as people don’t get high enough to want to rename the country Canabis, I’m cool with it as much as I hate the smell of it and don’t get why people just don’t work for their highs in life from success. Looking at those high on cannabis, I’d be willing to bet that high doesn’t even come close to the highs of success and achievement, winning, and other things you get high on in life by earning them!

As for fear of legalization, people should come to their senses and do what Portugal has been doing for over a decade now in having legalized every drug, or rather not making any drugs illegal, unless people were dealers. That’s not the same thing as they’re only punishing the dealers, not the people on drugs like is done in most of the world. Listen to their story here.

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