A Table of Over 125 Supernatural Collective Nouns in Text Format

I found a poster of collective nouns for supernatural and mythical sorts of creatures, though some are real now. It was supposedly from Wondermark, with David Malki as the only person’s name on it, without clear indication as to how he is associated with it all. However, I needed the information in text, and in a table, not a small graphic. So with a little formulaic help from Excel, I typed out a minimal amount of text and let Excel create the rest for me.

Below is a table of supernatural collective nouns, in text and alphabetical order for all the creatures, unlike the poster that grouped them so you’d have to know in which group something belonged to find it properly. It’s just easier in pure alphabetical order for them all.

There are some pretty cool collective nouns in this group, btw! My top 3 are:

  • Anย audacity of gargoyles
  • Aย supremacy of dinosaurs (a term you can use quite often)
  • An eminenceย of centaurs.

What are your favourites?

Anything I missed?

AIs (artificial intelligence) Nervousness A nervousness of AIs (artificial intelligence).
Aliens Pension A pension of aliens.
Androids Yard-sale A yard-sale of androids.
Angels Host A host of angels.
Apparitions Academy An academy of apparitions.
Archangels Archhost An archhost of archangels.
Automatons Bank A bank of automatons.
Baba Yagas Solace A solace of Baba Yagas.
Banshees Racket A racket of banshees.
Basilisks Tackle A tackle of basilisks.
Behemoths Spectacle A spectacle of behemoths.
Bigfeet Reminance A reminance of Bigfeet.
Bogeymen Scamper A scamper of bogeymen.
Borg The Borg.
Brownnies Hustle A hustle of brownnies.
Bugbears Prominence A prominence of bugbears.
Bunyips Bedevilment A bedevilment of bunyips.
Centaurs Eminence An eminence of centaurs.
Cherubim Compass A compass of cherubim.
Chimerae Braid A braid of chimerae.
Chupacabra Clubbing A clubbing of chupacabra.
Clones Clamor A clamor of clones.
Cockatrices Cabal A cabal of cockatrices.
Cyborgs Skynet A skynet of cyborgs.
Cyclopes Doubting A doubting of cyclopes.
Demigods Semitheon A semitheon of demigods.
Demons Legion A legion of demons.
Devils Bombast A bombast of devils.
Dhampirs Prominence A prominence of dhampirs.
Dinosaurs Supremacy A supremacy of dinosaurs.
Djinns Chimney A chimney of djinns.
Dragons Dignity A dignity of dragons.
Drones Squadron A squadron of drones.
Dryads Brace A brace of dryads.
Dwarves Knot A knot of dwarves.
Elves Drove A drove of elves.
Fairies Tizzy A tizzy of fairies.
Fauns Lodge A lodge of fauns.
Frankenstein’s monsters Duty A Duty of Frankenstein’s monsters.
Gargoyles Audacity An audacity of gargoyles.
Geniuses Quiver A quiver of geniuses.
Ghosts Congress A congress of ghosts.
Ghouls Shroud A shroud of ghouls.
Giants Percussion A percussion of giants.
Gnomes Lawn A lawn of gnomes.
Goblins Malignity A malignity of goblins.
Gods Pantheon A pantheon of gods.
Golems Craving A craving of golems.
Gorgons Tangle A tangle of Gorgons.
Gremlins Devilry A devilry of gremlins.
Griffins Senate A senate of griffins.
Harpies Clamor A clamor of harpies.
Hippogriffs Fulsome A fulsome of hippogriffs.
Hobgoblins Rally A rally of hobgoblins.
Homunculi Harmony A harmony of homunculi.
Hydra Warfare A warfare of hydra.
Ifrits Storm A storm of ifrits.
Incubi Party A party of incubi.
Jedi Jake A jake of Jedi.
Jersey devils Assault An assault of Jersey devils.
Kobolds Ruin A ruin of kobolds.
Leprechauns Indulgence An indulgence of leprechauns.
Leviathans Continent A continent of leviathans.
Mad Scientists Cackle A cackle of mad scientists.
Mandrakes Honor A honor of mandrakes.
Manticores Dastardly A dastardly of manticores.
Martyrs Baleful A baleful of martyrs.
Mermaids Gossip A gossip of mermaids.
Messiahs Rapture A rapture of messiahs.
Minotaurs Snarl A snarl of minotaurs.
Mole men Bureau A bureau of mole men.
Morlocks Lamentation A lamentation of Morlocks.
Mummies Liberty A liberty of mummies.
Murderers Band A band of murderers.
Mutants Caper A caper of mutants.
Naiads Swell A swell of naiads.
Nanites Swarm A swarm of nanites.
Nephilim Tromp A tromp of Nephilim.
Nessies Prize A prize of nessies.
Nymphs Delectation A delectation of nymphs.
Ogres Torment A torment of ogres.
Orcs Rage A rage of orcs.
Phantoms Rumpus A rumpus of phantoms.
Phoenices Conservatory A conservatory of phoenices.
Pixies Pleasure A pleasure of pixies.
Poltergeist Blanket A blanket of poltergeist.
Possessed Murmur A murmur of the possessed.
Prawns District A district of prawns.
Predators Tournament A tournament of Predators.
Probes Fleet A fleet of probes.
Prophets Persuasion A persuasion of prophets.
Psychopaths Sling A sling of psychopaths.
Reapers Rustle A rustle of reapers.
Revenants Depravity A depravity of revenants.
Robots Clangor A clangor of robots.
Santa Claus Sleight A sleight of Santa Claus.
Sasquatches Yearning A yearning of sasquatches.
Seraphim Glory A glory of seraphim.
Serial killers Choir A choir of serial killers.
Sexbots Harem A harem of sexbots.
Shamans Caucus A caucus of shamans.
Skeletons Drudge A drudge of skeletons.
Sphinxes Finery A finery of sphinxes.
Spirits Penumbra A penumbra of spirits.
Spooks Mystery A mystery of spooks.
Sprites Resolution A resolution of sprites.
Succubi Opulence An opulence of succubi.
Superheroes League A league of superheroes.
Terrorists Cell A cell of terrorists.
Titans Majesty A majesty of Titans.
Trolls Malevolence A malevolence of trolls.
Unicorns Blessing A blessing of unicorns.
Valkyries Cavalry A cavalry of valkyries.
Vampires Basement A basement of vampires.
Villains Industry An industry of villains.
Viruses Culture A culture of viruses.
Warlocks Coventry A coventry of warlocks.
Wendigoes Exigency An exigency of wendigoes.
Werewolves Lunacy A lunacy of werewolves.
Witches Coven A coven of witches.
Wizards Fellowship A fellowship of wizards.
Wraiths Degradation A degradation of wraiths.
Wyverns Poachment A poachment of wyverns.
Yahwehs Itself An Itself of yahwehs.
Yeti Flurry A flurry of yeti.
Zombies Vexation A vexation of zombies.

19 thoughts on “A Table of Over 125 Supernatural Collective Nouns in Text Format

  1. Your favorite is “an emancipation of centaurs”, but in text you said “an eminence of centaurs”.

    I was here because I wanted to know the collective noun for imps. I might use the word from demons, “legion”. Although I’m tempted of using “centuria” which would be 100, and it’s a subdivision of the Roman legion.

    • Thanks for spotting that error! It is “eminence”… although “emancipation would have sounded cooler. I can’t find anything online for the collective noun for “imps”. But if you do, please let me know! Using the collective noun for demons seems good to me. Close enough! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’ll be sure to do that. And since I’m here, I spotted another thing, because I checked after reading the comments.. You said that you corrected the collective noun for unicorns, but you only corrected in column 3. In 2 it still says fondle.

        Unicorns Fondle A blessing of unicorns.

        This is a wonderful resource and I bookmarked the page. I will flaunt my fine knowledge of supernatural species in my books ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I read in the book series of Eragon, that a grouping of dragons is called a Thunder. As in, A Thunder of dragons. On account of what it sounds like when they are all flying together. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always loved that!!

    • This is a pretty sound rationale, I must say, sort of pun intended since I realized it as I wrote it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Except for “official” capacities, like tests or other situations where there is something at stake, or really common creatures where it might seem one doesn’t know the common correct word, I would encourage people to use their preferred collective nouns. As well, I would encourage people to find things there haven’t yet been an official collective noun for, and invent one! Then post online somewhere. You never know when it might catch on, or if it does later, you can prove you were the first! Thank you for sharing.


  3. You’ve got “Shamans” and “Caucus” reversed. It should be a caucus of shamans. I’ve never heard of a supernatural creature called a Caucu. I almost got tricked into searching the web.

    I love this resource. Thank you for making it. Though I’m not sure I’d use most of these examples, it makes for a wonderful starting point.

    I think the only case I really don’t like is the baleful of martyrs. I’d go with a mass of martyrs for the layers of the word mass. By which, I mean its current religious use, the origin of that use, the lay use of a mass as a large body, and the medical use as a thing to be excised. Plus, baleful means either malign or miserable. Martyrs are neither.

  4. I prefer the collective noun โ€œkissโ€ for vampires; a kiss of vampires. Itโ€™s an alternative option.

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