Don’t Say his Name Right (that APPOTUS Thump guy)

I’ve been sick of hearing about that guy who got the minority popular vote in the US election for months now. As a result, I had been having fun with not saying, or writing, his name correctly to be able to talk about him, without adding to the noise, while poking fun at him and showing some disrespect. Schrump is my favourite so far among choices like Thump, Dump, Chump, Rump, Clump, among others.

With Schrump being in the news for a year or two now, before he’ll get impeached, I’m going to have more fun by adding names like the APPOTUS, playing on the Apprentice with the Apprentice Pretending to be President of the United States acronym. You can substitute Pretending to be with Pretender if you want to be a strict grammarian.

But yes, I have sworn not to say his name right… and I’m becoming known among some of my friends and colleagues for doing so. Some are even joining in! Will you? 🙂

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