Poem in a Picture – My Pictorial Poetry on Instagram

In addition to this blog, I also write poetry online in my poetry blog. Recently, though, some coincidental life events led me to try out sharing my poetry via pictorial format that’s not text searchable. It reached out to people who preferred getting their social media via pictures rather than text, even if it were pictures of text. In that sense, I created an Instagram account that had screen captures of the poetry on my blog, without all the annotations accompanying the poems I write for myself to recall later.

I was fortunate enough to find a name I really liked for my Instagram account that was available. That would be Poem in a Picture, or more properly, poeminapicture. That pretty much says it all!

I don’t know if getting this account was any factor in the creative kick I’ve had this month, but I am definitely on one with 62 short poems already composed in May! In the past, it would take me years to do 62 poems, albeit they were much more challenging classical forms. Poems I compose these days tend to be those during activities where my mind can wander, like while riding the ferry or running.




If you like your social media via pictures, and you like some poetry with it, please considering giving my pictorial poetry a visit, and follow if you like it enough. Thank you!

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