Shredded Wheat with Chocolate Milk and Fresh Mint

Let’s face it. Shredded Wheat is a pretty dull cereal.

I eat it because it doesn’t have a whole whack of processed sugar in it that I can’t taste much of in other cereals. This is especially true of the organic stuff that for some reason, tend to carry a ton of sugar in it, when you don’t even get to enjoy it in the healthy taste!

There’s no salt in Shredded Wheat, either. Even its shape ain’t interesting. It’s just the antithesis of cereal today in many ways.

So what did I do tonight to make my Shredded Wheat pre-bedtime snack more interesting?

I ate it with chocolate soy milk and added some fresh mint leaves for a tiny taste of zing and aroma of ama-zing.

shredded wheat chocolate milk fresh mint

Seriously! Give it a try!

You can take the most boring cereal out there and make it the most interesting cereal meal you’ve had in a long time! Possibly ever if you eat cereal rather blandly like most people do!

As for the pre-bedtime snack thing, I won’t recommend that. I got out of control metabolism issues. Unless you’ve got that, keep your big meals earlier in the day and any meal away from the night.


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