My 3-Day Novel Contest Experience Day 2

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Last updated Mon 12:04 AM

As per the note left on my Day 1 post that was originally supposed to encompass the entire 3 day Labour Day weekend, I am now moving to doing three posts about the experience. I am writing enough to do three posts so why not? It keeps it more manageable for readers.

This post will expand as the day goes on. I will update last time of update on the first line as updates beyond the first one take place.

Sun 11:25 AM

As of this moment, I am officially on yellow alert for running into “trouble”. It’s not writing trouble so much as time management. I forgot to set my alarm last night and ended up getting myself a 9 hour beauty sleep due to mental fatigue! Nine hours of sleep in this competition? Who the Hell does that???

As of this moment, I’m sitting at around 12,500 words and about 5,000 behind the same time as yesterday! I had a sanity break yesterday, which I will insist trying to squeeze in one today, but we’ll see. It’ll be half the two hour duration of the one yesterday, to be sure, to try and make up time. Then, I will probably sleep a lot less tonight… and no doubt have the alarm set for tomorrow! It’s already set to be sure!

I started the day doing some “homework” I needed to do to get some content. Now that it’s done, though, it’s time to write!

Sun 2:50

I got 2,300 words done between noon and 2:50 on Sunday, to sit at 14,800 words. The rate slowed down because the writing is getting more complicated. I’ve had lunch and will start Chapter 7 when I return after a walk to get some instant noodles I don’t need instantly. The walk will be good to get me outside and moving, but also give my head a break. I will, of course, still be plotting the next stages, refining my game plan written up prior to the contest to adapt to my current situation.

Mon 12;04 AM

I came back strong after my break that was very re-energizing in the sun. I must remember to do a few such breaks spread out on Sunday. I’m going to need it because despite coming back strong with about 7200 words in the afternoon to sit at 22,000 words thus far, I feel very much behind if I’m going to have any editing time. As a result, I’m going to press on late into the night, then get not too much of a sleep with the alarm going off in the morning, and hopefully finish strong tomorrow. I’m only getting to the most interesting part of the book now. Hopefully, the judges will find what’s been written so far to also be interesting.


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