My 3-Day Novel Contest Experience Day 3

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Last updated Tue 12:06 AM

This is the last of my three daily posts about my 3-Day Novel contest. There will be two more posts in the days following the Labour Day weekend. One will share some wrap up details, while the other will share some content details, as well as trials and tribulations that came with getting that content.

Second post in this trilogy

First post in this trilogy

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My 3-Day Novel Contest Experience Day 2

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Last updated Mon 12:04 AM

As per the note left on my Day 1 post that was originally supposed to encompass the entire 3 day Labour Day weekend, I am now moving to doing three posts about the experience. I am writing enough to do three posts so why not? It keeps it more manageable for readers.

This post will expand as the day goes on. I will update last time of update on the first line as updates beyond the first one take place.

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My 3-Day Novel Contest Experience Day 1

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End of Saturday note:
I blogged far more than I ever thought I would to document my 3-Day Novel Contest so I will make this post into three posts, one for each day of the contest. During each day, I will “grow” each post, adding notes as I go. Hey, adaptation and flexibility is part of this contest. Why not the blog posts that accompany it? This is the link to the Day 2 post. Below was the start of this post.

Start of Day 1 Post

In a few minutes at time of writing this sentence on Friday night before the Labour Day weekend, I will start the 3-Day Novel Contest. I want to document some of that experience, and share it while doing so for anybody who cares. However, I don’t want to overwhelm my followers with a whole bunch of microblogging style posts. As a result, I’ll just “grow” this post as this weekend goes along. Anybody who cares to see how things are going can revisit this post at their convenience and see. Thank you!

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A Geographic Snapshots of my Daily Visitors

As of Monday (Jul 9),, which hosts my website, showed a full display from where people accessed my site, and not just the top 10 countries. Thought I give you a look cause it’s quite eye opening, and flattering. From what I can tell, the visitor stats are pretty typical of a day on my site. At 122 countries from 15,269 page views, I really do have visitors from pretty much ALL over the world!

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The Decentralized Model of Blogging and Eight Good Blogging Rules

When someone starts a blog, one of the first and/or big question they have to answer is What is your blog going to be about?

For a lot of people, that’s a fairly narrow answer, like football, Transformers, the environment, etc.¬†Even “everything about” a topic, like Twilight, isn’t all that broad. A blog on a theme becomes a focal point for something and aim to bring readers to them on that topic, like a a city in a state, where other blogs on the same topic are other cities, and each post is a new building in its city. Readers looking for something else would go elsewhere, like to another state or city.

For me, it was different. I chose to have a blog about pretty much anything and everything.

So why did I do this and how was I going to make it “succeed”?

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