HULK Tennis Cosplay Shorts

Anybody wanna cosplay tennis with me?

That’s what I’ve been asking people ever since I came up with an idea for tennis wear version of cosplays when I saw some “abs” T-shirts at Walmart, like this one of the Incredible Hulk’s upper body. When I saw those short sleeve T-shirts that obviously can’t be part of a cosplay since they don’t cover the entire arm, I immediately thought of making shorts that would function in the same way. That is, they’d be the truncated lower body portion of the cosplay, and should be suitable to wear to play tennis that I would wear them to.

For the Incredible Hulk T-shirt, the matching cosplay shorts would be easy. They’d be purple, swimwear or action wear for athletic activities and because it wouldn’t fray, and I’d have to cut the bottom edge as though they were ripped like the Incredible Hulk’s pants, as in the pictures below.

The purple on my shorts actually match a lot better to that dark purple at the bottom of the top. Something about how my iPhone 5 captured the picture in sunlight, I guess. Still, I’m pretty happy with it. I am careful about when I wear this outfit, though, because when I go smashing shots, I don’t control them well… but there are times I need to practice them so I wear this and get into character for those times. 🙂

Of course, tennis isn’t the only time I’ll be able to wear this outfit, which is going to make it a LOT of fun to wear. I know I’m going to love it enough I have already bought a duplicate T-shirt for when this one will either get old or, hopefully, not lost.

I’ve got more coming so stay tuned!

Silver Rating

I’m going to give these shorts a silver rating, as much as I love them, because of fabric issues. The better purple match is the side you see of the two sides. However, the fabric curls inward, not outward like the Hulk’s ripped pants. I couldn’t do anything about that but it’s a limitation to this looking better. I don’t think I could have found a better purple match easily, though. I loved the idea but the shorts also weren’t all that hard to make. 🙂

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