XQ Hand Embroidery of Viet Nam

Recently, I was in Da Lat, Viet Nam, where my Paternal relatives wanted to take me to see some embroidery place, as they casually put it. They knew I liked sewing and fashion so they probably thought I could appreciate the embroidery work done by these people.

Well, what I saw completely blew my mind. Even if you don’t like embroidery, this was spectacular work! It was all hand embroidery, with some having millions of stitches!

You can see a lot of the amazing artwork on the “XQ” site http://xqvietnam.com/

I’m not sure they have a proper English name other than XQ, nor what it stands for. Information in English does not seem to be this organization’s strong point. However, their work is nothing short of phenomenal. Look under the Product Categories links at the bottom of the page and see tons of work in most of the categories!

In addition to the info on their site, here, I wanted to share a video of the organization, and some of ceremonies I saw while there. The video of XQ is not mine and is professionally done, but in Vietnamese. You can still look to see a lot of amazing things. The videos I got weren’t great, but the ceremonies they captured, as well as the music, were beautiful.


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