Pics of me in this garment… only 2 years after. 🙂

As a guy who struggles with finding good fabrics to make great clothes, I sometimes have to resort to some extremes. This time, I went to curtains. I saw the Transformers curtains in the picture below and had a vision I could make something like what I did out of it. A set of PJs that are light and not “PJ looking” enough I could wear outside during the summer! And I had a new way of presenting it, too!

Please note the close-up of the pant pockets. These things are PJ style pants with elastic band, but dress pants looking with dress pants pockets, but like one piece PJ pants lacking a seam down the middle outside to keep the glorious full images! A sleeve hole looks a bit ruffled, but not when my body is inside it filling it up! 🙂

I canNOT wait till summer to go around the harbour walk in this thing!

As a side note, this was a risky project in several ways. One, there might not have been enough fabric, and there wouldn’t have been if I were just a tad bigger than 5’2″ 108 lbs so for those of you of bigger stature wanting to try this, take heed! You can be a big bigger than me if you went short sleeves and still have enough fabric, but I hope you won’t cause I want to be the only person in the world with this outfit! 🙂


I could not have hoped for this project to have turned out much better. Definitely gold!

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