Me in My Transformers Outfit

I finally have some decent pictures of myself in some garments I’ve designed and made for myself so I’m going to start posting them. This one is of a full Transformers outfit I made from curtains at Wal-mart over 2 years ago. You can read about it on the original post. I’ll just share some pics of me in it here and now.

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Pics of me in this garment… only 2 years after. 🙂

As a guy who struggles with finding good fabrics to make great clothes, I sometimes have to resort to some extremes. This time, I went to curtains. I saw the Transformers curtains in the picture below and had a vision I could make something like what I did out of it. A set of PJs that are light and not “PJ looking” enough I could wear outside during the summer! And I had a new way of presenting it, too!

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The DRAPERY Dress Shirt (Draft)

Still being finicky to tweak my dress shirt pattern for the ideal fit and look I want, I am not sure at which point I would have that ideal final pattern. Any given dress shirt draft could end up being the one, and it would be a waste of time to throw out because I had made it from crappy fabric in my stash. But at the same time, I didn’t want to dig much into my good stash, with most of it having been bought in New York or Los Angeles because interesting fabric I’d wear is really hard to come by in Halifax. As a result, I produced this aptly named dress shirt where I used old curtains I had while living in Vancouver in the late 1990s!

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