How to Get more OPTIONS on Tinder Without Hacking and Codes

This short article is about getting more options presented to a Tinder user, not about getting more people to like the user. This will be more of interest to people who can’t wait to get more people options to like or not at a given time, and/or who are not in areas with a high volume of users. The trick has limited value at any given time for repeats to only get you a few to a lot more users depending on the volume of users in your area, but the trick can probably be used at least several times a day, every day, so its full value can only be derived through repeated use.

You have your settings of radius and age in Tinder at whatever you desire it to be. If you potentially want to get more options to swipe when you log in and exhaust your options, just go and change those settings in Discovery Preferences and go back to the main matching screen. It would help if you didn’t just change limits by a few years and/or miles. Make a big jump, like 10 years and 25 or 50 miles. Don’t change it by or to the same amounts each time, and don’t be afraid to narrow the range, either. It’s as simple as that!

Now, you might point out that compromising your limits, like expanding age bracket or radius, would only bring you potential options you don’t care for. Fortunately, the algorithm doesn’t quite work that way. Just because you expand your limits doesn’t mean your new matches will necessarily be between your old and new limits. They could well be within your old limits, at which point you would be correct to logically ask why Tinder didn’t send you that person before?

I suspect there is some delay and quota mechanism in the Tinder algorithm that decides who to show to users and when. That way, users don’t see “everyone” in the limits given all at once when a new user signs on, or has time to go through a huge number at once. By switching up the preferences a few times a day when a user runs out of options, by a decent amount or greater, Tinder seems to be happy to give a few more options, even if those options are more limiting than the original setting that the user had exhausted all options given during a given login.

This trick won’t work all the time, and definitely not if done frequently every day. I don’t have a magic number as to how often it might or might not work. But every now and then each day (out of the average of 11 daily check ins users supposedly do!), when you check in Tinder and are out of options in a disappointing set of matches, you might want to give it a try.

Good luck!

Now, if you’re looking for ways to increase matches, then you need to get different pics as suggested by this Business Insider article or pull stunts that are probably frowned upon and just waste your time ultimately when you get busted (before much will happen likely). I’m not going to link those stories. You can search them for yourself! 🙂

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