Moving On Day

You know how people have Moving Day, when they move from one place to another? Well, I have a concept I call “Moving On” Day, when I move on from anything in life I need to, and metaphorically move from one “space” to another.

What does anything in life include?

What does moving on from involve?

How do you plan Moving On Day?

From what could you move on?

Well, you could be moving on from a thing. In my case this time, it is my old 21″ vacuum tube TV. I’m not going to justify the move environmentally, though I will try to find someone to whom I can give it rather than just take it to the recycling depot. I just need to move on after I had to check the Internet for that Germany-Brazil World Cup semi-final score at the end of the game, when I caught it after a long run. The score was 7-0, but it was so small on my screen I couldn’t be sure. It was sure a funny looking 1 if that digit were 1, but it sure as hell couldn’t have been 7! Brazil doesn’t let in 7 goals, let alone lose 7-0, let alone on home soil, and not at stage of the World Cup! But sure enough, it was 7. I could barely tell it was late in the game with an 8 as the first digit in the time.

Moving on could also be from a person. That would be someone from whom you need to distant yourself. I have a few people in my life that aren’t much of a bother, but enough I’m going to move on and put in an extra effort to see it our paths cross even less than now.

Moving on could be from an event as well. Usually, this is an event that has had a negative effect on you, but it could also be a good event you need to get down from, let go so you don’t live in the past, etc. I’ve got a few related to the aforementioned people from whom I am moving on.

Maybe goals and/or projects are from what you need to move on. There’s nothing wrong with that. If it were giving up, so long as you have a good reason with which you can satisfy yourself it’s all right to give up, then that’s fine. It’s a little more complicated if others are involved, but same idea. You’d need to convince yourself giving up is the right option. However, if you are changing things and/or going after something else, it’s not entirely giving up. Things change all the time, and they might just have changed for you. Sticking with something beyond when it’s good for you is definitely a negative thing. So you’ll have to decide these things for yourself, but definitely goals and/or projects can count. I’m modifying a few work goals to accommodate a changing situation at my work.

It could be anything in life, really, from which you can move on, for Moving On Day. It could be memories, other living creatures, habits or routines, and so on. If you can identify it as something from which you are moving on, it can count!

What does moving on involve?

When you move on Moving Day, you move from one place to another. It’s no different for Moving On Day. You move from one thing, but for each of them, you must move to another.

So look at your list of “things” from which you moving and determine to “where” you need to move.

For my TV, I’ll be moving to an LED TV.

For my people, I’ll be moving to others who appreciate me more. That includes a former crush and finding another. 🙂

For my event and goals, I’ll be moving to job searching in places I had not considered, or not considered as highly. I call it declaring free agency, where my last choice will be with the current department that employs me, the way professional athletes look for options elsewhere besides their current employer with the latter as a last resort almost.

I’ll also be moving my fashion style from three coloured work dress shirts to two, now that I can make pants easily to give my full outfit the third colour in the pants. Three colour combinations are also easier to make than four coloured ones for nice looking combinations. I would have to make four colour combinations with the three coloured shirts. Fortunately for me, the three coloured ones I’ve made so far go well with a variety of colour pants rather than just one or two colours.

Planning for Moving On Day

Like Moving Day, you should carefully plan for Moving On Day and not just completely do it on a whim. Not the least, you should identify to “where” you will move, just as you should know to where you’re moving before Moving Day.

You can move on from things at separate dates, but it’s funner and more energizing, I find, if you can wait and package them all together on one day to call it Moving On Day. Or at least declare it all on one day, like I am since I have a few dress shirts to finish making that have three colours to them, even if the third colour on each is quite limited.

That said, changing things is probably best done a little at a time, with focus on the one or few things being changed at a time. For me, though, this Moving On Day doesn’t include a lot of “habits” or “routines” where this focus is most needed. I won’t be getting that TV immediately, waiting for a sale. I don’t need a new job any time soon. I will start new dress shirts of the new style when I’m finished with the few still on the go. I am moving on from these people immediately, though! Enough is enough! lol

I’m just declaring Moving On Day today so that I can begin my next year in life tomorrow in a new “place” (in terms of mindset). 🙂

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