One Reason Why I Make and Design My Own Men’s Clothing

I got into sewing because of lack of choices I had for nice clothing for men 5’2″ and 108 lbs. On the traditional side, there was lack of quality and choices. I was limited to basically altering youth’s clothing, which wasn’t great in terms of style, nor quality. The few things there were made for vertically challenged men were hard to find in a small city like Halifax, expensive, and not all that great, either, for lack of anything interesting, mostly.

Now, were I to dare to try and find anything just a little out of the one style of menswear that’s basically out there, I not only hit all those challenges of lack of size and quality in my size, but I also get ridiculous choices like this!

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE??? You really think I’m gonna go around wearing stuff like this without getting ridiculed except for maybe by flaky fashionistas??? You’d just be flaky in my books if you didn’t ridicule me in stuff like this, not fashionista. Sorry, but if you were, you’d have to earn that title back from me if you didn’t ridicule me in stuff like this!

Now, mind you these are professional photos. My self-taken photos of my stuff, for the most part, aren’t great. But you wait till I get enough done for a collection and get some professional photos taken! Just ones in appropriate settings, lighting and angles, rather than awkward ones I have to settle for in doing things myself in a little apartment… and not caring to spend a lot of time at it. I’m not talking about Photoshop doctored up stuff. You’ll see how much nicer and sharper it all looks.

My style might not be every man’s style, to be sure, but I can guarantee you I won’t get the same negative reactions as if I were to be wearing stuff like this, which I’d have to pay tons for if I were to buy it! The thing is with the world today, you can always get lots of people to support and like your stuff for anything you do, right to planning mass shootings like with people who lead hate groups. I just don’t do fashion for a living, but who knows, maybe once I have enough done, a career change just might be in the works. We’ll talk then. Right now, it’s a bit unfair to talk down about an actual fashion designer who has a collection, but I’m going to exercise my right to have an opinion here, not exactly something radical! 😉

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