Menswear Jealousy Over Womenswear Attention Unjustified

I just accidentally came across an article on why Menswear thinks it’s really unfair that people only talk about womenswear, and it was such a good LOL I had to write a response. 🙂

Look at the primary highlight picture. Those are guys in plaid suits. I think those things have been around for at least a century. They’re not even of an original cut and style! Who wants to talk about generic fashion that’s been around for more than a century?

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One Reason Why I Make and Design My Own Men’s Clothing

I got into sewing because of lack of choices I had for nice clothing for men 5’2″ and 108 lbs. On the traditional side, there was lack of quality and choices. I was limited to basically altering youth’s clothing, which wasn’t great in terms of style, nor quality. The few things there were made for vertically challenged men were hard to find in a small city like Halifax, expensive, and not all that great, either, for lack of anything interesting, mostly.

Now, were I to dare to try and find anything just a little out of the one style of menswear that’s basically out there, I not only hit all those challenges of lack of size and quality in my size, but I also get ridiculous choices like this!

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