Introducing the Fundershirt

It’s a horrible name, but I like it! It has nothing to do with funders, and it’s not really a shirt, but it rhymes with thunder, and that sounds good to me!

Having solved my challenge of getting properly fitting dress shirt pattern from which to make dress shirts, I now had a new problem on my hands. Undershirts that don’t fit properly. While not seen, their shoulder seams out on the sleeve of my properly fitted dress shirts show up and ruins the good look I had worked so hard to achieve. I’m going to have to make properly fitted undershirts as well, sadly.

I say sadly because these things aren’t going to be seen. I only sew clothes because I need to in order to get the fit and look I want. I design them to make use of my design skills and make my efforts more worthwhile. I don’t care to sew clothes if they weren’t going to be seen like these undershirts would not be. However, after a grieving period, I did what I always do in life, make something good out of something bad. I figured I’d do designer undershirts so that I wouldn’t mind taking off my nice shirts, lol.

Now, what can one do for designer undershirts? A lot probably, but not a lot I’d care for. I’ll only be looking to make fun undershirts, from which the fundershirt name originated, from crazy fabrics suitable for the purpose. Picture patterned knits would be the ideal example, and I just happened to have one in my stash!

Cow Fundershirt 6156The muslin in the picture will speak for itself as a laugh. I’ll only say it’s a terrible knit in that once stretched, it doesn’t really pull back. Given this was a muslin to gauge fit in the first place, I didn’t care too much for craftsmanship. It’s not going to be worn. I just wanted to get the idea across. It fits me rather nicely, though, I must say, for a muslin made from a sport T-shirt that fits me well.

The only design feature on it is the raglan sleeves which, as you can see, has no shoulder seam. That’s very useful because with the fitted dress shirts, even when I’d be making fitted undershirts, if they were regular sleeves with shoulder seams, I’d be hard pressed to get that seam inside the dress shirt seam every single time out without it not fitting well. Raglan sleeves leave a smooth shoulder so no worries about it. The fundershirt seen here is also serged on all seams, and edges not serged together.

I won’t be wearing this muslin, but I may try to do one a little tighter from the same fabric just to use it, knowing it doesn’t pull back well once stretched. I bought it as really cheap fabric (less than $1 per metre) for my pillow cases I’ve had for over a year now. Yes, I put my head down in a pasture of cows each night and generally, I have slept better than before. 🙂

More fundershirts to come now that I have a reason to be looking for such fabrics!

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