Fairer Life Quote

Life isn’t fair, live to make it fairer

fairer life quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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Most people would agree with that most famous of sayings that life isn’t fair. There are a lot of things that happen to people that they don’t deserve, or deserve to the extent, both, good and bad. People are also born into all kinds of unjust circumstances.

But given life were unfair, I see one general purpose in life that can guide a lot of people’s actions, people and actions of all kind, is just to make life fairer. And by fairer, I mean that in the double meaning of the word that can be had in the expression. Make it fairer as in more beautiful, and also as in more just or “right”. Sometimes, the two will be the same, like an act of kindness. Other times, it will be different, like if you had to expose them for doing something wrong, though you should be careful on that judgment call, of course! There is a lot of beauty in poetic justice if done right.

This could also apply to yourself and your own life, of course. A lot of times, when the world does you “wrong”, whether really so or just you feeling / thinking it to be so, only you are going to be getting yourself out of it. Sometimes, only you can. Other times, nobody is going to care enough to do anything at that moment, if ever. It’s one of those situation where my quote about giving yourself a chance applies. So apply this quote about living to make life fairer to your life as much as anyone else’s.

Regardless, live life to make it fairer.

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