People Best Understood Quote

People are best understood if viewed as animals

people understood quote minh tanMinh Tan

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We’re supposed to be civilized as human beings, at least one notch above everything else in the animal kingdom. Yes, we definitely have that potential. However, for all our powers of reasoning, ability to sympathize and empathize, with tools, medications and such at our disposal, we still do a lot of completely irrational things that makes us resemble animals more than anything else. You can see it from the little things, like people trying to be the alpha dominant in a group, to wars where they try to eradicate entire races just to get territory back. Our animal instincts are still strong enough that it comes through all the time in our lives. Just watch a bunch of narrated wild life shows on animal behaviours where they establish dominance, seek food, socialize, establish territory, mating tendencies, etc. and someone points it all out to you. Then just sit and watch people with that same mentality and narration running through your head in looking out for the same behaviours among humans, and you’ll see how we’re still so much more like animals than anything else superior that lots of people and idea schools would have you believe.

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