Everything Done Quote

Everything done now will mean more later

everything done quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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A lot of times, we do things about which we’re not sure of. This is especially in tough times when we’re just trying to get through, or when we lose faith in something we’re doing that’s supposed to improve things for us. Whether it turns out or not, reflecting on it later, it’ll be more meaningful. We’ll have a better perspective, context and room to reflect on how it all turned out.

It doesn’t have to be just tough time, though. The quote didn’t say things we do in tough times will mean more later. It says everything, and I mean everything. It could be just moments spent with friends and loved ones that will mean more later when they’re far away or no longer with us. It could be actions with unforeseen consequences, good and bad, for which there are plenty in everybody’s lives. Just the fact you can reflect on anything gives you that additional insight with time and context of life to make anything done more meaningful later. But it’s in the tough times or confusing times of life that I find myself telling myself this often. It has yet to be false for me!

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