Life Challenges Quote

A life without challenges
is a life wasted

life challenges quote minh tanMinh Tan

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It’s a bit of oxymoron. Nobody tends to want negative challenges in life. That is, stuff outside our control that is going to give us problems, hardships, and so on. Yet, humans like challenges, though probably more the type we invent ourselves if it can be helped, because we’re almost sure to like it. Every now and then, you do hit that “be careful what you wish for” scenario, but for the most part, we like challenges we choose to undertake, rather than challenges thrust upon us by life.

The thing is, life has plenty of challenges for us. Practically nobody has a life without some sort of challenge. Even if it’s petty compared to someone else with a much harder life, it’s a challenge for them. Maybe even because they made it so, given if they had tougher challenges to tackle, they might well neglect what they considered a challenge. Aside from one’s own challenges, though, helping others with their challenges is also a worthy cause. Either way, whether you lead a life without challenges, not having any and not choosing to help others with theirs if you don’t consider you have any, you’d be wasting your life for not living it to the fullest potential, and enjoyment. You’d be robbing yourself of some joys that overcoming challenges could bring, whether your own or others’. In the latter case, you’d also be denying them joys that could deny you joys. You’d be wasting a lot of your life, essentially.

Now, who am I to judge you on that? I’m not judging you. Play the scenarios through in your mind, or if you could see what each could do, I think you’d agree. You’d be denying yourself of some of your humanity in living a life without challenges. You were given a life to be human. Denying it would be wasting it, in a logical sense, not a judgmental one.


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