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A lot of times in life, we have to make choices, as in this or that. However, a lot of times, we also don’t if we had just thought about it, planned it, or be creative about it in some other way.

This is a mantra I repeat to myself before I have to make choices, to make sure I don’t have to settle for this or that. Obviously, I don’t do this during split second decisions, or when there really is no time to think things over. I’m generally more talking about everyday life events and actions, whether casual like if I can make two parties in a night, or more “serious” like if I could race a 1 mile, 10K and marathon in a weekend event rather than just one of them. Some of the time, the choice is just to be able to do more, as in more things. Other times, it is to do more as in something I’ve never done before. Either way, it pushes my limits, which usually extends my fun.

I never use this saying for greed, though, like to try to get more things for my money while squeezing people out of their fair due. This is mostly for fun and to push personal limits, not run over others.

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