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Believe… before you achieve

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On this day of Super Bowl XLVIII (48), two teams will be trying to achieve the pinnacle of their sports, so I thought I’d put in a quote about achievement.

Any achievement that is a challenge will create some doubts in the mind of those trying to achieve it. The doubts will only make it harder, of course. Nobody performs at their best while hesitating in doubt. To give yourself the best shot at achieving challenging goals, you must clear those doubts. Whether you do this by yourself, and/or with the help of others, ultimately, you has to believe in your ability to succeed before you set out, or before some critical moment, to give yourself the best shot at success.

Getting rid of doubt is far harder done than said, of course. There is no one definitive answer as to how to rid or reduce doubts to an insignificant level. I’ll just share my three approaches, used to the extent I am able to find supporting “evidence”.

  1. Convince yourself by blind faith. This might be the Seattle Seahawks believing in the adage that “defense wins championships” in the NFL, so with the best defense this year, they will win. If they looked at the stats, though, the answer would be a clear “no”. (Freakonomics, NFL site).
  2. Convince yourself by “rational” faith. This could be like how the Denver Broncos have the most potent NFL offense ever, by all the major statistics, so how could anyone expect to stop them? It’s not the only argument in town, but coupled with the rational stats of point 1, it’d be easy to believe they could achieve winning Super Bowl XLVIII, even if it weren’t a foolproof logical argument.
  3. Convince yourself with both blind and rational faith. This would be like compiling rhetoric (things that builds your case that you want to hear), and dismissing any counter arguments as being inferior (though not necessarily meaningless) to the ones you have. You’ve got all the rationale you need to make your case. Whether the other rationale is as good, you’re going to believe it’s not. Plus, you might even believe you have a few X-factors like how this is the Chinese Year of the Horse, and that if you were on the Denver Broncos with a horse logo, Fate and Destiny are clearly favouring you. Faith, after all, is not rational. That’s why they call it faith!

On that note, I am going to believe I can will the Broncos to win, or that my will, will be the difference in the pile of wills by fans of both teams. I’m going to believe that my team and favourite player, Peyton Manning (here’s why), can overcome anything Seattle can put in front of him, and that Denver’s defense will be sufficiently good on the other side for Denver to win the Super Bowl in 2014.

Believe before you achieve!

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