Purpose in Life Quote

Don’t seek your purpose in life
as if there could be only one

purpose life quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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When people talk about seeking their purpose in life, they are talking about only one. Why would that be? Have you really ever known anybody who really only had one purpose for which to live? I mean¬†really had only one purpose, not just one dominant one. Really question them on it, like what if they didn’t have it any more or knew they couldn’t get it (if they hadn’t yet gotten it)? Or better yet, what about something else, like family, love, spouses, job,¬†etc. Chances are you will find very few, if any, who do. And for those who do, you might want to consider what that obsessiveness might be doing to their lives. Don’t be judgmental. Just be judging. The difference is that in the latter, you observe and learn what aspects could be of value to you, or right for you, but not necessarily wrong for them that is the former. Learn what you can from them rather than telling them (or thinking of telling them) how to live their lives, unless that someone is meaningful to you enough to do so given you think they’re somehow ruining their lives for it. But that’s a whole other conversation.

The message I want to get at is there are a lot of “things” to live for in life, material or not. Pick out the important ones and live for them all. If you’re still looking for that more overwhelming cause, sure, feel free to explore. Just don’t necessarily limit it to one, or if you do, don’t neglect all the other things you have to live for either. Sacrifices may have to be made, yes, of course, but don’t sacrifice the wrong “things”!

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