I’m Feeling More Sparkly than Edward Cullen Today!

I’m not sure why… but I like it!

And whether you love Twilight to use this… or hate it to take a jab at it, it certain beats the boring old feeling “good” or “great” expressions. Ask a Twilighter if you don’t know the reference in my answer.

I wish more people were creative with the answers to how they’re feeling or how they’re doing.

Once upon a time, when medicine was more primitive and less effective, answering how you were feeling was a genuine response since you might well be coming down with typhoid or tuberculosis, or recovering from it. How are you doing has been a mundane and meaningless question for some time now, but that doesn’t mean you have to participate in it. Think of some cool answers, for good and bad, for when you’re really feeling beyond the norms of good and not so good. Get a bank of your favourite ones, if you don’t have some already, and use them!

What are some of your personal favourite answers to the how are you type of questions? Please leave answers as a comment below. Thank you.

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