Digital Music Has Bigger Carbon Footprint than Material Music are many people concerned about climate change these days, and rightly so. To help with climate change, they’re willing to give up or reduce consumption of a lot of things from fossil fuel cars to flying to fast fashion, etc. However, I wonder if they’d be willing to give up on some other ones that are also well integrated in their every day lives, like digital music, or is already big with big aspirations, like cryptocurrency.

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Dating Products at Start to See How Long They Last

How long do certain products that take a while to go through last in your household? Or how long do you take to go through them if you lived on your own and guests didn’t use much of them, like toothpaste or perfume/cologne? I’m not talking about weekly renewables here, like cartons of milk, I’m talking about things like shampoo bottles, soaps, spices, etc. If you didn’t know answers to these questions, let me tell you about my really easy way to find out!

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5 Ways to Use a Heavy (Gravity, Weighted) Blanket

Please consider the following as ideas and NOT medical advice, or advice in any form. If you wish to try these suggestions, please consider any reasons why you might not want to and do so at your own risk, and please don’t try these on children who may not be able to move a heavy blanket as easily. Thank you.

I recently got a heavy blanket, also known as a weighted blanket or gravity blanket, after hearing about their potential benefits to help one sleep better. Click here to see just one of many articles that can tell you more about these blankets. The basic idea is it makes you feel like you’re in a cocoon or hug, and that comforting feeling, for those to whom it is comforting, helps you sleep better, possibly even faster from getting into bed. The recommended weight is about 10% of body weight, though I’m not sure why 10% and not, say 15% or 5%, but just keep that in mind in reading this.

The recommended weight didn’t matter the least to me, as you’ll see, in my experimentation for ways I can layout the blanket to be used. I LOVE this blanket almost any way I lay it out for use! These configurations completely throw off the weight distribution, which is part of what I was looking for, to get more weight in some areas and less in others. Below are the five configurations I came up with, and what I liked and didn’t like about each. You may find one or more of these configurations to your liking, if you haven’t thought about using the blanket in some other way than just slipping under it. Not all of these configurations might work for you depending on your relative size to your blanket. I’m pretty small so all of these can work for me with a 4′ x 6′ heavy blanket.

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A Few Simple Nudges to Help Reduce Social Media Use

Social media use has been likened to addiction scientifically. My level of “addiction” isn’t very much, to be honest, but I’m still choosing to work on cutting down on the distractions that keep me from getting into “flow state” (see video at end) for some activities, rather than time poorly used. If you want to use narcotics terminology, I’m choosing prolonged highs over micro dosages of dopamine.

To help myself reduce social media use, I have compiled a short list of relatively easy and painless ways which I access it so I don’t get on social media much in the first place. They can be annoying when you’re not used to it, but hey, nobody ever said weaning oneself off anything was easy! See if some of these may work for you, and maybe pick some combination what can work for you. Any amount helps if you value your time enough!

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My Idea of #WordWednesday

Each Wednesday, on my Facebook profile, I use a word I recently learned that I find interesting. For example, today I used

Can one have lethologica over lethologica?

I call it #wordwednesday, the way #throwbackthursday  is used as a weekly meme. It shares something anyone could be interested in, or use. It helps me retain a word I want in my vocabulary, even if not used often due to its lack of potential practical uses (as opposed to showing off at parties). It makes for a less mundane status update than the usual daily life thing or news shared by people on newsfeeds.

Seems already has a #wordwednesday hashtag used for nominating an interesting word once each week. Well, lots of people won’t agree with that. With this, though, you pick your own interesting word and it benefits you for certain.

That’s why I do my version of #wordwednesday.

If you want a resource, there are many, including Pinterest boards on words. Here’s my board on English words, as well as one on non-English words that I wished were available in English. Well, that doesn’t stop me from using them or telling others about them! Just like how English incorporate so many words from so many other languages into English, I just do it informally ahead of the day when I know it will just have to be. 🙂

Give it a try! You can do it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or any number of other social and less than social media. 🙂