I’m a Dangerous Comic

https://digitalcitizen.ca/tag/humour/I recently heard Jamie Foxx on a Tim Ferriss show episode from 2015, indirectly describe a “dangerous” comic as a comic who makes jokes that are highly questionable in taste, at least among the general public, if not any audience. The moment I heard that, I realized that’s exactly the kind of comic I was when I did amateur stand-up, and still is now but not as a stand-up because conservative Nova Scotia just can’t handle that kind of stuff! That’s even when I’m obeying the unspoken rule of subject matter hierarchy for what and whom you can make jokes about. Continue reading

Writings on This Blog in 2021

This blog has been a blog of many content themes over the decade and a few years it has existed. For topics, it’s a jack of all trades sort of blog, like its author, me, in life. As I embrace the start of my two year journey with writing on January 1, 2021, so, too, shall this blog go forth. As of that date, I hope to have almost daily posts where the goal is about the writing, regardless of topic, for which there will be a wider variety than ever before to keep its jack of all trades topic identity.

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Why Facebook Needs a DISLIKE Button

If you use Facebook, you know there is a Like button you can click on to show you like, support, approve or think positively of it in some way. There is no Dislike button, probably to keep the social experience positive, among other reasons. However, this lack of a Dislike button isn’t serving the need on identifying true social public opinion on any matter that might be controversial. If all you ever saw were all the people who Liked something controversial, how would you ever know how many people might Dislike it like in a real poll?

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