IRON-MAN Tennis Shorts

In the summer of 2015, Walmart sold some kids’ T-shirts in the design of superhero torsos wherever they covered. They had Spider-man, the Incredible Hulk, and Iron-Man. From these, I got the idea to make complementary shorts to have summer cosplay inspired fashion. I wore them for general summer casual wear, but mostly in which to play tennis. Yup, you got that right. People at my tennis club showed up in mostly white or whatever, and on the other side was a guy in what looked like a summer version of superhero cosplay, using playing in the style of the character. 🙂

The complementary shorts Spider-man were easy. They were just blue, as seen in my MORALES shorts post. The Hulk’s complementary shorts weren’t much harder. I just had to find fabric that could look ripped at the bottom, but wouldn’t fray like crazy on me. I actually had purple spandex in my stash so the HULK shorts resulted. Iron-man, though, was another matter! I was going to have to make shorts that looked like the suit, or at least close enough that they looked like they belonged together with the shirt! After a little scheming, I did!

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Weekly Photo Challenge (Surprise)

First, we learned that roses are red, like from those “Roses are red” love or Valentine poems.

Then we found out they also came in a pure white.

And if we looked around a bit more, we could find them in yellow and pink, too.

I’m sure if we looked harder, like on Google or Wikipedia, we could probably find them in some other colour. But have you ever seen a rose with all the colours of the rainbow?

If not, then have a look!

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The Bugs of Public Gardens in Halifax

I recently purchased a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM macro lens (buy on and tested it out in Public Gardens in Halifax, near where I live. I don’t know enough about lens to provide a review, but I found this very technical review extremely helpful. However, what I can do is show what I got for photos below.

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Cultivate Meadows Instead of Lawns, Which’s Mowing Produces 5% of America’s Greenhouse Gases


The talk in the video below is mostly about Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) that has devastated the bee population in recent years. However, it had one stunning environmental fact on the side that applied to many of us where we can do something about it

5% of America’s greenhouse gases (GHGs) are produced from mowing lawns!

MeadowNow, the speaker, Dennis vanEngelsdorp did not say “America”, but the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seems to back that up. The US EPA suggests 5-10%, but includes other gardening equipment with it. However, I think Dennis was just stating the process of releasing GHGs from within the grass in cutting it! Either way, America meeting its Kyoto Protocol targets might be made a lot easier with just a stop mowing your lawn campaign.

Think about that one!

To put the 5% into context, purely in terms of percentage share and not volume because I tend to have world figures rather than American figures:

That is, on a fraction of total share basis, lawn mowing in America contributes more to its GHG output than air travel does to the world output.  Why are we worried about flying when lawns are doing so much more climate damage???

So what does Dennis suggest to replace lawns with? Meadows or a field vegetated primarily by grass and other non-woody plants (grassland). In plainer terms, just let the grass and flowers, some of which you might consider weeds, grow. It’s a lot less maintenance, although you can still do some, and can help some wildlife thrive… not the least of which would be flowers and bees. And you know what? It’d also look a lot more natural, which brings me to the puzzling questions of why North Americans like their country cottages so much but work so hard and pour so much money to make their city homes look so artificial with useless biosystems like lawns?

I’ve never figured that one out. It’s a bit like being prejudiced towards brown people but always wanting to get tanned. I’ll write about that one some time soon! Paradox or hypocrisy?

Anyhow, the thought to make meadows instead of lawns is a great one. It is also just in time for preparation of spring and summer when people come outside again and start preparing our lawns. Lose your Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) this year and work with Mother Nature for once, eh?

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