MORALES Tennis Cosplay Shorts

I’ve been redoing my tennis wardrobe of late and found some T-shirts which had upper body prints of Marvel superheroes, for which I’ve made shorts to make tennis variant cosplays, if you will. The Hulk was the first outfit I made, and this one is of Spider-man.

Spider-man cosplay Tennis shortsThe shorts are nothing special. Just blue stretchy action wear that I had. It’s that Spider-man cosplay athletic T-shirt that they pair with that makes them fun! This link shows the men’s Spider-man version at Walmart in the US, but I got a kids’ version in Canada that I can’t find online.

They’re a tad heavy for my liking, but I didn’t feel like spending $10 on some lighter weight version when I have a stash to be reducing! We’ll see as I wear them more often if I’ll make a lighter weight version, but they’re OK for general tennis and other activities without intense, violent movements (i.e. stop and go, big sprints).

I called these shorts MORALES after Miles Morales, the new Spider-man character who’s a little younger, and a bit less serious. On their own, these are just blue shorts so attaching anything “spidey” in the name would be parachnid!

Bronze Rating

With the shorts being boring as heck, and a little heavier in weight than I would like due to me being cheap, I’ll just give these things a bronze rating. But I’ll love them a lot more than other bronze rating garments I’ve made just for what they do for me when worn with that top! 🙂

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