CNN Projects Liberals Majority in Nova Scotian 2017 Election! (8:32 PM Tue Night)

It’s 8:32 pm Tuesday night, May 30th, as I write this, half an hour after polls closed in Nova Scotia for our provincial election today. Yet, the TV coverage has nothing worthy to report. I don’t know wassup with that Nova Scotia speed results reporting, so I called my contact at CNN, Anderson Scooper, to get a projection and, lo and behold, they had one!

CNN is projecting a Liberals majority in Nova Scotia!

Thanks, Mr. Scooper. I can get on with my life now. 🙂

The Canadian and local stations made the same call at 12:57 AM Wednesday morning. Case and point, thank you very much. 😉

Stephen Harper Succeeds Osama bin Laden on 5/2/11

Just one day after Osama bin Laden was killed, a surprise successor has taken over his role in Stephen Harper’s majority government from the Canadian election.

Well, at least in Canada he has, thanks to all the 40% Tory voters who will help to destroy what is a really great country.

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Canada and US Election Votes Facebook Friends Tagging Survey

If an election were called today in Canada or the United States, federally or province/state, or even a Senate Race, would you know for whom all your friends would vote?

Get them to tell you on Facebook with these Facebook picture tagging memes that serve as a survey. It uses the same picture tagging features as your photos, and those memes going around with superheroes and other characters. However, here, your friends tag the party of their choice to indicate for whom they would vote! I bet you might be surprised at some people’s choices!

You won’t have to tell many friends to tag their choice. After a few initial ones tag their choice, notifications will be sent out in Facebook and others will see them. Their curiosity, if they care at all, will do the rest.

Facebook tagging survey is a concept I came up with because there aren’t any Facebook survey tools, at least not applications where everyone would have to sign up for the application to use it. I know those applications are free, but not everyone is keen to giving away their personal info and have all kinds of applications as part of their Facebook navigation.

Please note that these surveys are public to a person’s friends, at least, pending their privacy setting. So don’t declare anything you wouldn’t want the world to know!

I have created four elections Facebook tagging surveys below. Some are less timely than others, like the US elections one which won’t see use for almost 4 years from this posting date, though you can still survey your friends right now if you never got to last election. Others are just waiting to happen, like the Canadian federal election.

Here’s how to get this Facebook survey meme to survey your friends’ political allegiance:

  • Click on the picture to get it at full size.
  • Right click on that picture and save to your computer.
  • Upload it to your Facebook profile.
  • Tag yourself and ask a few friends to tag their choices.

Please click here for a complete list of Facebook picture tagging memes on this site with which you can use for fun with your friends.