How Do You Define Romantic Love or Relationship? words are superficially adequate to define, but are much hard in reality. Two of those words are love and relationship, as in the romantic kind and not familial, professional, friendship, etc. I’ve known this for a long time, and didn’t have any sort of good answer, even, but I didn’t really try, having had an intuitive sense of how challenging it would be to even get an adequate definition, never mind a good definition. I have some quotes about some aspects of what I think they are, like love is the ultimate lottery, or true love is made, not found, but they are not really, or full, descriptions of what they are. The two words are attached here because, in many ways, to me, a good definition for a relationship is just a manifestation of a good definition of romantic love, that if I had a good definition for one or the other, I could probably have a good one for both. Well, today I heard of one. But before you read on, maybe see if you could give an adequate or good definition of (romantic) love or relationship for yourself.

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