Love Is The Ultimate Lottery there anything as unpredictable as love? Is there a prize as great as love? Is there anything as unpredictable with as a great a prize as love?

You may have answered yes to the first question with weather, quantum mechanics, or other things we could debate. You may have answered yes to the second question with valuable things or prestigious distinctions we could also debate. But if you had answers to the final question, requiring overlap of the potentially very limited number of answers for each of the first two questions, I would love to hear what those answers were, and maybe debate. With the filter from the first two questions, if you had gotten through the third, you might well have a very solid case to prove me wrong so not to leave much of a debate.

For its combined greatest unpredictability and prize, to me, love is the ultimate lottery. Instead of proving my case further, though, I will simply reflect it back on you to propose something that is more of an ultimate lottery than love. Try to find me to let me know if you do, and we can discuss it to see if we can get you a quote!


This post is one of 70 quotes I wrote, each with an accompanying essay, in my e-book and paperback Stars I Put in my Sky to Live By, on Amazon or Smashwords (choose your price including free!).

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