It Might Hurt To Ask As Well As To Get The Answer

According to a popular English idiom, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Really? If you have never asked a question that hurt, like maybe on a topic that hurts you to discuss, please look up what that is like for some trauma victims, but please don’t ask them about it in case you might set off their trigger points.

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Johnny Cash and Wolverine

I just saw the new trailer for Logan, in what will probably be the last movie about Wolverine with Hugh Jackman. The song used in it was Hurt, originally written and recorded by Nine Inch Nails, but covered by Johnny Cash. I had not heard either one but let’s just say I was immediately and fully captivated. The trailer was interesting, sure, but it was the song that made it what it was for me! PERFECT combination!

I LOVE musical moments like that in my life! If you haven’t heard and/or seen what I’m talking about, the trailer and full Johnny Cash cover of Hurt is below. Enjoy! And if you have, hell, enjoy it again!

p.s. I can’t wait for the movie, either! 😉

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