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That’s more and less, not more or less, and this is how I’ll do it.

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Fleece Origami, Anyone?

Last Tuesday night, I met an artist named Martine Myrup. She told me she did some 3D object sewing, with polygons and such, as seen here on her blog. I wasn’t into the polygon stuff, but I knew how to do origami (paper folding), and on my run today, I got the idea to try some origami out of fabric. What resulted was the crane below out of fleece. I made it out of fleece because fabric could look rather like paper, which is great for many things. However, I wanted to make sure people could be sure it looked like fabric and not paper that I might have claimed to be fabric. You know, as if I had fabricated the whole thing!🙂

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Last November, I had the opportunity to visit the Los Angeles Fashion District (LAFD). It was a great experience that was very different from what I experienced in New York’s Fashion District (NYFD) in Manhattan. I visited both in search of fabrics and notions, not pre-made clothes that I’m not sure would better fit me or my small budget. It is in these contexts that I want to share with you what I found. And I wonder how different my perspective is from Evelina Galli who lives in LA. Evelina?

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