Grading System for My Fashion

Recently, I completed a series of posts on the ten elements of my fashion philosophy, which I will use to guide myself in designing and making garments. That doesn’t mean I’ll try for all of them all the time, but it’s a useful guide.

As a professional analyst in my day (and only real) job, guides are useful to some extent if left as that. However, they’re better when there are indicators of success and/or progress. That’s why I’ve created a simple self-grading system to score each of these ten elements in a garment out of 10 for a “percentage” score out of 100.

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Fleece Origami, Anyone?

Last Tuesday night, I met an artist named Martine Myrup. She told me she did some 3D object sewing, with polygons and such, as seen here on her blog. I wasn’t into the polygon stuff, but I knew how to do origami (paper folding), and on my run today, I got the idea to try some origami out of fabric. What resulted was the crane below out of fleece. I made it out of fleece because fabric could look rather like paper, which is great for many things. However, I wanted to make sure people could be sure it looked like fabric and not paper that I might have claimed to be fabric. You know, as if I had fabricated the whole thing! ­čÖé

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My Experimental Attempts at Steampunking Photography

Steampunk┬ástyle is┬áinformed by the aesthetics of steampunk literature. That, to me, basically means an attempt to create a modern or futuristic object using industrial techniques and styles (Victorian era from 1837-1901). Often, this might be only partially successful, or would appear rather awkward, like an arm gun on a robot being a mini-cannon mounted on the wrist. It fits the definition of steampunk well, where the “steam” refers to the age of steam, and the “punk” refers to rebelling to either balk the steam era style or modify it in a way not typical of the style.

Being a photographer, I then thought, what would photography look like if steampunked? Here’s the theory and example.

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Whiskey Head Woman (1939 Delta Blues by Tommy McClennan)

I am able to do a lot of things where I am able to leave on my large collection of oldies music to listen to. When I say oldies, I mean oldies, like 1930s and 1940s. Every now and then, while I’m toiling away, something will come on that will stop me dead in my tracks to listen and enjoy. I absolutely LOVE those moments, and there’s no shortage of them, I assure you, because there’s a LOT of great oldies music!

The latest discovery for me is this gem, Whisky Head Woman, by Tommy McClennan, that is 1939 Delta Blues. Listen to the song and see the full lyrics below.

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The Bugs of Public Gardens in Halifax

I recently purchased a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM macro lens (buy on and tested it out in Public Gardens in Halifax, near where I live. I don’t know enough about lens to provide a review, but I found this very technical review extremely helpful. However, what I can do is show what I got for photos below.

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