Discovering Nellie McKay from of All Places


If you can’t tell from all the videos in my VodPod Collection at lower right, is my inspirational and education addiction. However, as the site theme says, I’m interested in it mostly for “ideas worth spreading”. I know they have music on the site, but they weren’t often “ideas” of the type I was interested in. However, I stumbled upon the music of Nellie McKay today and it made me laugh a great deal… enough I thought it was worth blogging about because this singer/songwriter is fabulous! That’s a compliment from a listener and singer/songwriter points of view, of which I am both. Have a listen and see if you agree!

More info about Nellie McKay can be found on her site.


Clonie (partial lyrics)

This song is about what Nellie thinks of having a clone could mean to her… and supposedly “the evils of science”. I’ll let her tell you the rest. Make sure you listen carefully. It’ll be hard to when you’re laughing your head off. From TED 2008.


The Dog Song (lyrics)

I’ll go sad on this one, although it is a beautiful tribute to her former dog, Carmello. From TED 2008.


A Christmas Dirge

This is a sad song but shows Nellie’s caring perspective about all the useless superficialities of Christmas.


Mother of Pearl (lyrics) and If I Had You

The first of these two songs has the first line of “Feminists don’t have a sense of humor”, which, according to TED, was “immortal”. I couldn’t have agreed more. So is the rest of it. And the ukulele is priceless! From TED 2008.


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