Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last And Soon It Will Be would you do tomorrow if you knew it was going to be the last day of your life? Be honest and include details to check its viability. Now that you’ve had your last day and were ready to die, you find out that you have one more day to live. What will you do in that second last day? Repeat to try a third last day. How long do you think you could sustain this lifestyle before you would be hit with disastrous or mortal outcomes? Maybe you’d run out of no money, or be dead from an unhealthy lifestyle, or be incarcerated if doing something criminal were on your mind, or something else disastrous or mortal. Even if you just took time to appreciate everything around you, with this last day of your life context all day, how long do you think you could sustain this last day of your life way of living before you would really hit the last day of your life, if no intervention took place?

I don’t think most people would last many days before they would die if they truly lived everyday as if it were their last. That’s why I added my cautionary amendment to the original freewheeling idiom, about which I feel strongly enough that any time I hear the original idiom, I always take the chance to share my counterpoint. I’ll leave it to you to prove it to yourself otherwise if you disagree, but at least you’d have a case for it, if you did, rather than merely disagreeing with me. Find me and tell me about it as well. I’m open to changing my life philosophies if there were good reasons, are you?


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