You Have True Power Only If You Can Share It Because Otherwise It Has You is all about having control, mostly over others, but also over things and circumstances. Powerlessness is all about having no control over something, including being under something’s complete control. So for anyone with power who is unable to share it to any meaningful extent, I ask do they have power, or does power have them?

When I see those in power who are always wanting more, like Trump, Jinping, Assad, Mbasogo, Maduro, Putin, and many other so called strong men leaders in 2020, I see them as neither strong men nor men with lots of power. What I see are weak pawns of power, in power’s grasp, who can’t do anything except try to hold on to their power while seeking more. They are unhappy with what they have, yet are powerless to free themselves from it by changing their stance to share some of that power. They are so insecure, despite all their rhetoric otherwise. They definitely don’t have power. Rather, power has them.

Anyone with power, no matter how much or little, need to ask themselves only one question to determine if they had power, or if power had them. Are they sharing that power to any meaningful extent? If the answer were yes, with proof, of course, then they do have power. Otherwise, power has them. What they choose to do with that realization is up to them, but it could be an indication of how much power has got them if they realized this and continued to do nothing to share their power, or worse, sought more.


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