Unimaginable Laws Past and Present Make All Future Laws Imaginable

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/How many laws have been made in the past that today we fathom to be unimaginable they were allowed to exist? How many laws are in existence today that we fathom to be unimaginable that they are allowed to persist? It might be easier to think of examples for the latter in jurisdictions we deem less civilized or ideal, but it would not be hard to find of examples in our own jurisdictions with a little research. That much I know of law, despite me not being a lawyer.

The absurdity of the range of laws that have existed in human civilization reduces law to a matter of will rather than justice, in my view. If any justice system were half as noble as it should be, to uphold the right and just, so many of these laws that we have trouble reconciling as having been unimaginable to propose, never mind approved and enacted, would never have existed, nor still be allowed to persist. Yet, they did, and many still persist.

Ironically, through the same justice systems that let unimaginable laws exist and persist, I hold out hope for laws yet to have been proposed, or approved. Given the extreme absurdity of all the unimaginable laws humanity have had through time, and our own societies have had in their histories and currently, why wouldn’t one think any law to be proposed, especially those with some rationale, could not become real? Compared to those absurd laws of the past and present, all laws currently being proposed, and still to be proposed in the future, could only have realistic changes of happening. We just need to find the will to make them happen.


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