Unimaginable Laws Past and Present Make All Future Laws Imaginable

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/How many laws have been made in the past that today we fathom to be unimaginable they were allowed to exist? How many laws are in existence today that we fathom to be unimaginable that they are allowed to persist? It might be easier to think of examples for the latter in jurisdictions we deem less civilized or ideal, but it would not be hard to find of examples in our own jurisdictions with a little research. That much I know of law, despite me not being a lawyer.

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Over 250 Cartoon Pictures for Facebook Profile Pics Campaign Against Child Abuse

Until December 6th, there is a global campaign on Facebook where people replace their profile pictures with their favourite cartoon character/s, then encourage their friends to do the same. Now this campaign I like! Too bad it’s way too short but it’s gone viral globally after just a day’s notice!

I’ve got over 250 cartoon pictures made for Facebook profile pics at the bottom, arranged in alphabetical order with names, which include some modern and some old cartoons.

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