Time is the Ultimate Frenemy

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/Is there anything that is on our side, as well as not on our side, so much and so often as time? Fire? Love? Oxygen? Good candidates, but not constantly present throughout our lives, in my opinion, and debatable for overall impact.

We are usually more aware of time not being on our side, like when we need more time, rather than when it is, like when we have lots of time. We recognize the latter in the moment, but don’t often appreciate it enough to retain it so that if asked to list instances when time was and was not on our side, most of us would probably have a skewed list for time not being on our side. However, if we took more time to think about it, we can probably list lots of times when time was on our side. Also, keep in mind that many times when time was not on our side, it may have been so by our poor management of time, for reasons like procrastination or poor planning, rather than the fault being solely of time.


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