Definition: Intertemporal Choice, Resumé Virtue, Eulogy Virtue

Three really cool and really useful terms to know today, along with a powerful understanding of gratitude’s impact on willpower, which is far harder to cultivate for the same impact gratitude can give you.


Intertemporal Choice

Process by which people make decisions about what and how much to do at various points in time, when choices at one time influence the possibilities available at other points in time (i.e. 1 marshmallow now or 2 later).

Basically what the classic Marshmallow Experiment on 4 year olds for emotional intelligence tests. But some people never really master this in real life situations more complicated and complex than this simple test.


Resumé Virtue

Virtues you want on your resumé that are like skills you bring.


Eulogy Virtue

Virtues talked about at your funeral that you might want to be remembered by.


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