Definition: Anti-social Media Repository

I’ve decide to skip the “queue” today, for order of new words and terms I have been learning and documenting via Twitter this year. It’s a term I came up with for what I’m doing, which is posting things on social media to have available fairly “universally”, but without intent to engage much in the “social” aspects of social media. That is, I’m only going to follow those with info I want to know, which is a fairly short list so as to optimize value for time, and not follow back because people follow me. I’m hardly ever going to engage in debates, Likes, retweets, or any of that stuff. I have means to do that otherwise, should I care to. That’s the “anti-social” aspect of it, which is grammatically correct as “anti-social” media, and not “anti socialmedia” in its grouping of terms. It’s really just the social media’s technical ability to be a universal repository I can point people to “cleanly” (like in one phrase or link) for which I use it.

Btw, as you can see the numeration from this tweet of 104 made yesterday, and 037 that was the previous high numeration from Jan 12, I have built quite a repository in the past week or so by fluke of what I had come across in my reading, art history studies, and podcast listening!

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