Definition: Socialboating


(read “so Showboating”)

Authentic showboating on social media, as in flaunting achievements, rather than just wealth or just showing yourself in a favourable light online (social peacocking) with some mundane effort.


I coined this term for the pun of it, mixing social media, showboating, and just an expression that’s “so showboating” in terms of a response fairly expected from some others. I created it to inspire people to rise above “social peacocking” and flaunt about things really worth flaunting, which are achievements. That’s what I’ll be doing this year on my Facebook posts, which will be far fewer than before because it’s not easy to be achieving everyday or even every second day!

The achievements don’t have to be huge. Maybe I’ll just finish a painting (challenging to a newbie), or finish sewing (and designing) a garment, run a marathon or shorter race, etc. But I’ll be proud of it and flaunt that pride in socialboating on Facebook and other social media.

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