Self-driving Cars will Be for Sex Ultimately

If you didn’t have enough time to have sex in your life, or energy at the right time, you might soon be in luck with the arrival of self-driving vehicles, or AVs for Autonomous Vehicles. If you weren’t looking for more scenarios in which you might be pressured into sex, then don’t buy one. AVs are essentially private rooms on wheels. So long as you don’t mind giving away a hint you were having sex on them with a bopping car, like the happy car during the morning or evening commute, it’s the ideal place for frequent sex outside a home. That’s not including times for when you’ll opt out of a hotel or motel room on your travels as AVs will deprive tourist accommodations of clients and income in the near future.

About 60% of Americans have had sex in a car. With the arrivals of AVs, that will only increase, researchers say (Fast Company). Besides, what’s a trapped couple (or two) to do when deprived of driving duties on sex drives, I mean, commutes? A couple might even be able to do it if someone built in a divider wall with camera to monitor the kids while you go at it! That wasn’t in the research. That was my imagination researching additional opportunities. 😉

In addition to tourist accommodations, self-driving vehicles will also challenge eat-in restaurants and red light districts in the economy. For the latter, may I suggest having red light parkades as a name if the AVs of Paid Love were immobile and centralized? I can just see parkade of nothing but happy, bopping cars now! And how’s about “prostitation” if they were a mobile sector? Taking your client for a ride will now be a double literal pun!

Now, if you think these ideas of sex and AVs are ridiculous, do you remember what sells? Yes, sex! Sex sells! How do you think these AV makers will be trying to sell their AVs? Never mind suggesting sex, the innovative ones will be designing the interior to be ideal for sex in one configuration among many. I hope some of those designers will be kinky and include a spanking bench option! Latches for handcuffs, too? Hey, they’re supposed to be the creative and adventurous types, aren’t they? If not, I’m fucking applying for the job! I can still become a car designer that I wanted to be when I was a kid! Never give up on your dreams!!!

The question regarding sex and AVs isn’t if, but how much? What will that percentage of Americans, and people, in general, who would have had sex in cars erect to? Don’t worry about the rest of the world. They aren’t all outgrowing the American population by artificial insemination, and Americans didn’t invent the Kama Sutra and other sex texts, you know! Make sure you have those texts besides the owner’s manual, or stored with the AV’s A/V (audio/visual) system to enhance your ride! Just sayin’  🙂

Oh, Oscar. You were SO right! Everything in the world in is about sex except sex itself. That’s about power, as you said. But wait, doesn’t that logically, or at least philosophically, make everything in the world about power?

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