Try Mixing Cereals for Variety

When most people think of eating cereal, they think of getting a box and pouring out some to eat. That’s fine. But if they wanted variety, they usually had to get a variety of cereals and rotated when they ate each. Even then, if you were limited on cereals you were willing to eat, or could eat, like the generally bland, but healthy ones, there’s not a great deal of variety.

Now, what if you were to buy a variety of cereals, but mixed them some of the time you ate them, and not some of the other times? You’d have more variety for the same cost, and some varieties you can’t buy in stores.

What to mix

Some cereals do NOT go well with others! I won’t give examples because like trash and treasures, what is one for someone might be the other for another. Just try to think about what you might like to mix together, possibly at the grocery store where many cereals are available so you don’t have to think about what’s out there. Buy two that you like on their own that you think will go well together and try them mixed. Start with two cereals you like each on its own because if you don’t like them mixed, you won’t waste food.

If it worked, go with it for a while before trying another combination. Or try another before you finish the boxes so that you might have three or four boxes on hand to mix! The combinations grow very quickly with a few more boxes of cereal beyond the initial two! And you can always eat just any particular one at any time, on its own, of course.

How to mix

It might not be convenient, or maybe annoying, to have to dig out a few boxes of cereal each time you eat them, to mix in some ratio you like. There are plastic cereal containers that can hold a fair bit of cereal, in which you can “pre-mix” your cereal. Pour some of your first choice, then some of your second. Then first again, and second again. Then roll around gently to mix. That should last you at least a handful of servings where you can just pour it out of the container. If you could afford it, and want to, there are cereal dispensers where you mix cereals like two liquids from two faucets. I’m not keen on these, though, because your cereal won’t be well mixed in your bowl like if you had mixed it in the container as suggested.

Small change, much happiness

Ever since I thought up this idea earlier this year, I’ve enjoyed my cereal that much more, even though I only have Corn Flakes and Shredded Wheat. Two rather bland cereals that become less bland when mixed together, though I’ll admit they’re far from exciting. I add dried blueberries as before but it’s a lot better with the cereal mix than just either one on its own. And because I enjoy the cereal more, I eat it more often. It’s healthier than some of my other potential breakfast, and sometimes before sleep snacks, like friend bacon and eggs (only for breakfast).

If I ever have the choice now, I can tell you I won’t be eating solo cereal again unless it were just to see what one is like on its own for the first time. I will probably need to do that to consider the possibility of mixing them unless I were to mix recklessly that would be hypocritical to my previous advice.



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