Barack Obama’s Barackets for 2018 Men’s NCAA March Madness is DONE!

With one game still remaining in the Elite 8 of the 2018 Men’s NCAA March Madness tournament (Duke vs Kansas), former President Barack Obama’s Barackets is DONE! He has Villanova in the Final Four, but because he predicted (eliminated) Michigan State would beat them next game, Villanova will be getting no more points for Obama this year. The former POTUS had UNC and Virginia as the other Final Four teams, both of whom had been eliminated early.

So where does this leave the Barackets in the ESPN Standings?

The updated answer after the tournament was over is 42.4 percentile.

I took the liberty of duplicating the Barackets as one of my ESPN entries in the pool of about 17.4 million, so I have the exact details of where it stands. The final standing is :

  • 9,973,179 among about 17.4 million entries
  • 42.4 percentile (i.e. better than only 42.4% of entries)

I don’t have records of all the years the former POTUS has submitted Barackets, but I don’t recall a year when he did worse… or anywhere near this badly. That said, to be fair to former President Obama, who always had great foresight, he did tweet with his Barackets that

Just because I have more time to watch games doesn’t mean my picks will be better, but here are my brackets this year

Sadly for the former POTUS, his foresight was right here, too.

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