Got Google Home Assistant!

I just got the Google Home Assistant yesterday and will be blogging about my experiences with it in the next little while. This won’t be a review as much as a discussion of some of its features, challenges and other issues that can arise from interacting with it. The last will be the most interesting, in my opinion, like if one will start talking to others like that, or change psychologically in constantly barking orders, or even gentle requests, to something that responds in a female voice. I’ll leave all the tech stuff to tech reviewers. I care more about humanity… at least at the moment. LOL

Already, I’m very impressed by what it can do! Not just with the commands available, but also the range within them. For example, the play music command will play you some music, sure. However, you can ask for it to search all kinds of music for you in all kinds of ways! That makes music accessibility a lot easier, like asking a mix of songs by some group you had heard one song you liked recently. Or asking for music by a group or artist, genre, etc. You can ask by voice and, so far, it’s been pretty good at getting me what I want. It found French composer Frederic Chopin just now, with just the last name pronounced in French when I asked for it to “Play Chopin”.

Unfortunately, not every song by every artist will be on Google Play, the free or paid version. I only have the free. But there is a ton of good stuff already, well beyond what you can get from any collection of a dozen radio stations or so. You can also use the TuneIn service for Internet radio, local if you want and let it know where you are by phone or tablet location detection. Podcasts also done on TuneIn.

Hmmm. I hear it’s now playing Beethoven’s Pathetique sonata, movement 2. You know, the movement ripped off for the Somewhere Out There song.

Seems Google Home likes to mix previous requests with the latest one rather than switching completely. Maybe you have to stop it first and then start again rather than request as an add on to the mix, which could be a nice thing. I’m not too concerned about this. It’s just a voice command to switch again. Besides, if you had doubts or wanted to know what you were listening to at the moment, you could stop it to ask it what it was playing and it’d tell you. 🙂

Anyway, over the next few months or more, I will learn more of what I can and can’t do with Google Home Assistant, and also provide suggestions as to what can be done to fix it to improve it. I’ll put it all in as part of my experience with Google Home Assistant, which is great, but will only get better as you can see by the new features they are rolling out in the second half of 2017!

I hope you’ll join me for the experience. Or better yet, if you have your own Google Home Assistant, to share your experience with me!

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