One Bad Clown Beating Should Stop All This Clowning Around

Clowns have been at it again recently, making random appearances and freaking out people.

Hey, that’s fun! Who wouldn’t want to scare people like that?

Well, lots don’t but lots still would, kind of like practical jokes and Hallowe’en jokes, except on a more adult level with a little more creep. And as long as there’s no cost or consequences, what’s to stop someone from doing so?

Ah, but that’s the magic phrase!

As long as there’s no cost or consequences…

But what if there were? Like somebody reacting like a psycho and fighting back instead of running. And for the degree of fear, s/he would not only fight back, they’d beat the living Ronald McDonald out of the clown! They’d beat the clown so badly the make-up would still be in one piece after the body were beaten out of it!

Once it happens, all the clowns are gonna think twice about pulling that stunt, knowing somebody has set the precedence and inspiration for others. More important, the limit would also have been set, as in no limit to the amount of beating one can justifiably to in reaction to fear caused by the clown. It’s all fair game to beat one as badly as needed to self-defend out of fear!

All it takes is one good person to go psycho on a clown to shut this trend down! Of one good psycho, for that matter.

So who’s gonna step up and set an example? 🙂

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